La Puput Gràfica are

Tania & Àgueda ↓

We are professionals in graphic, web and editorial design. We like audiovisual communication and organizing events.

Technology motivates us

We investigate to find out what present-day tools are and apply them to our work and we integrate the latest trends in everything we develop.

Our values

We believe that we can offer an alternative and transformative vision through communication and design.

We are cooperative

We work and live in a Social and Solidarity Economy where people are at the center.

We firmly believe in ecofeminism, and we apply it in the processes in addition to thinking of it as a final objective.

We offer products and services that not only support the function but also take into account what is more personal and the environment, from a feminist and environmentalist social perspective.

La Puput Gràfica - Ague i Tania
La Puput

Why La Puput? The name comes from the hoopoe bird: upupa epops, a creature that seems pretty, curious and close to us.